Why preventative Botulinum Toxin is becoming popular

Frances Pitsilis
Frances Pitsilis
7 November 2019


If you’ve been staring at a bright screen for a while, then chances are you might be squinting, forcing your face into a constant frown. 


It’s hard to count how many times a day you frown - after all, it’s a natural expression that happens frequently throughout the day whether you realise it or not. 


However, this facial expression can lead to wrinkles. But don’t stress (as that causes wrinkles too)! While you might not be able to stop yourself from frowning, you can help prevent the progression of premature wrinkles with preventative Botulinum Toxin


In this blog, we explore preventative botulinum toxin so you can learn more about what to expect from this popular treatment.


What is preventative Botulinum Toxin?


Preventative botulinum toxin is the prevention of the deeper wrinkles that form as you age, keeping you looking younger for longer. The earlier you start, the smaller the required dosages per treatment. 


Preventative Botulinum Wrinkles Injections is especially popular for people with fair complexions, which tend to wrinkle earlier than darker complexions.


How does this treatment work?


Botulinum toxin, temporarily relaxes the muscles underneath the skin. When injected into the muscles, the botulinum toxin blocks a nerve messenger that causes the muscle to contract. This effect can last 3-5 months, varying for everyone. When administered regularly over time, not only does it prevent wrinkles, but in some areas, the wrinkles will regress and even disappear.


How can preventative Botulinum Toxin benefit you?


The benefit of starting early botulinum toxin treatments is simple: it prevents wrinkles from forming and also stops the progression of any premature wrinkles. 


While this might be a physical treatment, it can benefit you mentally as well. In creating the appearance you desire, you’re boosting your self-confidence which can positively affect both your personal and work life. It also reaches the emotional centres in your brain for psychological benefit.


What can I expect from my first treatment?


The actual treatment takes less than a minute, however, the results will take between 4-10 days to start working - so don’t look at yourself in the mirror too early. By two weeks you’ll see the results and start to feel better, not just from a nice appearance, but also because botulinum toxin can actually reduce anxiety, depression and help sleep.


There is a possible chance of bruising, however it is typically fairly minimal. Generally, there is no bruising in the forehead and the frown line area, but there is up to 25 per cent chance of bruising when injecting the crow’s feet area. 


Going to the right clinic will help you reduce the bruising simply by having the experience to administer the treatment correctly, and by having special high tech vein visualising equipment that can minimise bruising. 


Choosing the right clinic 


When considering such an important treatment, you want to know that it will be delivered by a trusted clinic with a doctor on-site. You want the highest possible professional and medical standards.


Your first visit to a clinic should take the time to thoroughly explain the treatment so you know exactly what it is all about. It’s important that the doctor or nurse gets to know you, and allows you to ask as many questions as you need to understand what is involved. 


Want to learn more about preventative botulinum toxin? Schedule an appointment with our team here at Skinfresh. 




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