What's the best skincare regime for women in their 40s+?

Frances Pitsilis
Frances Pitsilis
20 February 2020



Looking fabulous at age 40, 50, 60 and beyond is easy, once you know how your skin changes as you age.

Enjoy radiant, youthful skin at any age with our simple skincare regime that supports collagen and elastin production, improves cellular repair and renewal and minimises visible sun damage.


Are you interested in finding out how you can age gracefully - internally and externally? Find out more here.



Start your morning skincare routine with a soft cleanser to remove any built-up dirt or bacteria. Gently massage the cleanser around your face and neck and work your fingers upwards and outwards.

Your body produces less oil as you age, so choose a cream or milk cleanser to support your skin’s natural oils.

At night, remove your makeup and any daytime impurities with a cleansing oil followed by your regular cleanser.



Signs of sun damage, smoking and pollution can start to catch up with you as you age. Thankfully, exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and provide much-needed nutrients to your skin. Exfoliation can also help to reduce the appearance of sunspots. The result: a more radiant, smooth complexion.

Because your skin starts to become thinner as you age, try a gentle, acid-based exfoliator twice a week.


Antioxidant serum

Your sebaceous glands - found in abundance on your forehead and chin - produce an oily substance called sebum. Because you make less sebum as you age, your skin can become dryer once you hit your 40’s.

Light-weight serums contain smaller molecules than moisturisers, so they can penetrate further and hydrate your deeper skin levels. Pick up a serum with vitamin C and E as these can help to improve your skin tone. A serum containing peptides can help stimulate collagen production. 


Daytime serum

Uneven skin tone and small brown sunspots are often caused by sun damage and can become more noticeable in your 40’s. A daytime serum, one packed with antioxidants such as vitamin C, can help protect your skin and treat pigmentation. Add to this Hyaluronic acid serum that will increase the hydration of your skin. 


Retinol (at night)

Retinols are vitamin A based skincare products that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by supporting collagen production. Retinols can also help improve age spots and soften skin by exfoliating the top layer of skin cells.

Go easy when using retinol for the first time as it may cause inflammation, redness and peeling. Use a low-strength retinol 1–2 times a week at night, then slowly increase the strength as needed. Retinol derived cream like Tretinoin 0.5% is an example of what you need to go slow with. There are also plant based Vitamin A derived products that are gentler. 



Your body naturally produces a substance called hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin retain water and stay moist. And like collagen, hyaluronic acid production also decreases as you age. 

Look for a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to help lock in serums and give you brighter skin, and use morning and night. Alternatively, use the hyaluronic acid serum. 

And remember, the most important product for graceful ageing is sunscreen. Damage from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes premature skin ageing, so apply daily, even during winter.



For a more individualised regime - or to target a specific skin issue - our team can offer an individualised treatment plan, including:

Monthly HydraFacial  – a great way to lift away dead skin cells, stimulate new cell growth and leave you with brighter, clearer skin. Better than a microdermabrasion with 2 built-in peels. 

Limelight IPL and Laser Genesis – can treat a range of skin conditions by getting into the superficial and deep layers of your skin.

Botulinum Toxin – a non-surgical way to quickly smooth away wrinkles with noticeable results in only a few days.

Dermal Fillers – a quick way to a more youthful look by targeting specific issues including under-eye dark circles, wrinkles and dehydrated skin.

Dermapen4 and Vampire Facial Plus - amazing results for many skin problems, especially for texture. 

Combining treatments in the clinic on prescription by an experienced Cosmetic Nurse Specialist gives the most satisfying results.