How to prevent my face from ageing

Frances Pitsilis
Frances Pitsilis
11 December 2019

How to prevent my face from ageing


Looking good helps you feel better and gives you more confidence to navigate a busy social and working life. But what if you don’t feel great about your appearance? 

These days more and more people are looking at preventative botulinum toxin as part of the solution. 

But how do you know if it’s the right solution for you? Here’s what you need to know! 


Why we get wrinkles as we age 


Have you ever wondered how we get wrinkles? They’re a part of natural ageing, but wrinkles can actually be influenced by a number of factors, some you can control and some you can’t. 

The ability of our skin to protect itself is reduced as we age, due to internal and external factors. Internal factors include lifestyle, diet, self-care and smoking, whereas external factors include UV damage. These are examples of the factors that you can control. 


As for factors that are outside of your control... the skin’s natural structural protein starts decreasing as young as age 25. Elastin, which gives elasticity, starts to get stretchy and causes skin looseness. Collagen starts to diminish and this is what gives the skin structure. 


Additionally, the more you use your face, the more you’re contributing to facial wrinkles. These wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles and are caused by muscle contraction. Over time, if you frown a lot, you will start to get etched in “11” between your eyebrows. If untreated, these wrinkles become more permanently etched in our skin. 


The key to preventing wrinkles? Starting early 


According to the Fitzpatrick Scale, there are five main types of skin, ranging from 1 to 5: 


  • Type 1: Pale white skin that never tans and always burns 

  • Type 2: Fair skin that burns easily and tans poorly 

  • Type 3: Darker white skin that tans but can still burn 

  • Type 4: Brown skin that burns minimally and tans easily 

  • Type 5: Dark brown skin never burns and tans darkly


Based on this scale, the lighter the skin, the earlier wrinkles will appear and the earlier you will need to start ageing prevention. 


The good news? These days, people don’t need surgery to improve their appearance with the new low-risk, non-invasive procedures like botulinum toxin when (put alongside good skincare, good lifestyle and diet, of course). 


Anti-wrinkle injections like botulinum toxin work to prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles by stopping the nerves from contracting. Preventative botulinum has become a regular part of people’s skincare regimen over young generations and is now used like makeup! Made from a purified protein that temporarily causes the muscles to relax, this treatment is safe when administered by experienced hands. 


This treatment relaxes your dynamic muscles, allowing collagen to remodel in the skin and so the deep lines that were previously there, remodel and diminish. Over the long term, you will keep these wrinkles at bay. 


How can you benefit from preventative botulinum toxin? 


The earlier you start the better. As soon as you see any sort of wrinkles forming, it’s a good idea to start treating them so that they don’t become etched into your appearance. When starting early, only small amounts are needed so you will pay a lot less for these treatments. If you continue then you will never need much larger doses to prevent the problem in the future and the costs will stay low! 


The other benefits? You’ll have more confidence! This treatment actually does improve depression, anxiety and sleep through its positive effect on the emotional centres in the brain. 


Preventative Botox not only prevents wrinkles from forming, but helps to stop a person from getting into the frowning habit, lowering the chances that they will develop permanent wrinkles in those spots. 


Where can you get preventative botulinum toxin administered? 


This treatment is safe in the right hands and here at Skinfresh we have extensive experience and training. 

Finding a competent, trustworthy and professional clinic is a must when entering into these treatments. Use preventative botulinum toxin to gain improved appearance and self-confidence, and you will benefit financially as well as in life and work. 


Skinfresh uses all three major brands of botulinum toxin and tailors each treatment to the individual. Schedule your consultation today