Discover how good nutrition can maintain healthy skin

Frances Pitsilis
Frances Pitsilis
7 November 2019


Your skin is an incredibly temperamental organ on your body - and if you don’t treat it right, it’s going to let you know… oily skin, dry skin, acne. 

Every morning, something new! But even if you’re extremely regimented with your skincare routine, you’re probably wondering what’s going wrong. 


Here’s what’s going wrong: It’s not just the product that you put on your body… it’s what you put in your body that makes a difference as well. 


In this blog, you will find expert, research-based advice on how diet can affect your skin, and what foods can help you maintain youthful, healthy skin.

How diet can affect your skin

Your gut and its surrounding immune system play an important role in your body’s health. Anything you place inside your gut will have flow-on effects influencing all aspects of your health. 


Which foods are the worst for your skin?  


High sugar, dairy, fat and processed foods tend to cause inflammation and imbalances in your body which in turn affects your skin. 


Sugar is one of the worst offenders - once in your system, it can cause inflammation which shows up on your skin as acne, ageing and wrinkles. Additionally, excessive sugar can contribute to chronic diseases like diabetes, fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression.

Food to eat for glowing skin

While there are foods that can hurt your skin, there are also foods that can help it. 


Start working the following into your diet for healthier skin:


Tomatoes. This fruit (not vegetable) contains lycopene and can also provide vitamin A which are both excellent antioxidants for the skin. 


Greens. All green vegetables provide B vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin K. They also contain some iron which helps reduce fine facial veins. 


Fatty fish. Omega-3 (which is found in fish like salmon) is anti-inflammatory and helps keep skin supple, thick and moisturised. A deficiency in omega-3 fats can cause dry skin. 


Citrus fruits. Fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruits provide the body vitamin C, a vitamin that acts as an antioxidant and support for collagen production. 


Walnuts. This fibre-rich nut provides vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant for the skin. Vitamin C and E work together to protect the skin and prevent ageing and wrinkles. 


Dark chocolate. No need to give up the treats you love! Dark chocolate provides many plant-based antioxidants which help with the reduction of rough, scaly skin.


Together, this diet is not only anti-ageing but provides an SPF sunburn protection of 4 which is a great start to skin protection.

Now you can see how easy it is to write up your shopping list to provide you with natural, antiageing benefits that will also clear your skin and give you a youthful glow!


Once you start eating right, it will take 2-3 weeks to slowly see these changes but hang in there for great benefits. Good nutrition doesn’t always come easy, but as long as you’re eating a well-balanced diet, you can still enjoy those guilty pleasure treats every now and then!

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